What is Speed ​​Dating in Cracow- Fast Date – the date Quick Dating?  – How sojourned?

Beloved, in these circumstances, nice nature … 😉 little descriptions at the beginning! 😉
We would like to be described by questions and answers, what it is they are quick dating and why you should break stereotypes about this.


Loosely translated, the term Fast Date means “quick date”
because it gives you the opportunity to learn in a short time a large number of potential friends, friends or another, dream halves. The originator of speed dating is Rabbi Aish Ha-Torah of Los Angeles.
Originally dating were reserved for Jewish youth:
it was about promoting Jewish marriages and preventing excessive cultural assimilation.
However, the instant dating proved to be an excellent way pairing. This form of socializing, spread in America and now in Europe,
winning a large crowd of supporters, until it came to the Polish, in this and in Krakow, where the first organized this type of event! 😉 Speed Dating in Cracow

fast dates in Cracov

Szybka Randka w Krakowie, Speed Dates in Cracow

Who comes to the speed dating? What are these people?

Currently we have 3 age groups: 30-45, 40-55, 55 + participants are usually educated people (although this is not a requirement), cultural, nice, cordial and open to meeting new people. These are the people with whom they befriends, because they are often fantastic people. From time to time we hear “there comes only the zakompleksiona people desperate.” Nothing could be further from the truth. Such people do not come to the party because I will feel much safer at home, and not of a group of new people. Of course, as everyone feels embarrassed before the event, but after the first interview nerves completely let go and the participants see that they are among the same people, like themselves, they came for the same purpose and rapidly integrate with each other.

How is such a fast date?

Prior to the start of the event gentlemen gather in one room, Ladies in the second
(the one where the conversation will take place).
We give then the card selections, badges, pens, etc.
Once everyone is gathered together (if someone does not come on time, then we call him)
Boys go into the room where Mr. waiting for them. Each sits at a separate, numbered table.
Boys sit at the table number, which appears on their identyfikatorze.
Od this point the fun begins. Conversations can last for several minutes (about 5),
depending on the number of participants. After this time there is a change
and gentlemen at the table next (one number below). After each interview is noted
on the form whether the person liked the (enter yes or no). If “yes” falls on both sides
(you will mark you and you the same lady) if interested send phone numbers to each
other the next day way – mostly email.

The first conversation with Mr. lasts only five minutes ….it’s probably a little less … how do we know after 5 minutes if the person we like it or not …?

Just to be clear-The 5 minute “dates” are not dating in the normal sense of the word. I think the translation is here imperfect. These five minutes talk time, where we can (especially on the subconscious level) to determine whether the person we like it or not. According to. Psychological research on contact between two people is the most important role played by the first minutes, even when we are not aware of it. That’s when they start to work pheromones, then our desire to know someone closer to make a person deep down knows what could develop new knowledge – in friendship, the companionship, romance, or love. Time is a further development of those feelings. Therefore, five minutes is enough, even, as I did not realize. This works, of course, especially in this case, as people will not have the possibility of further meetings, during which they could verify the earlier feelings. These real dating, board, calmness, romanticism, etc. occur at a later time. After you choose a person to Fast Date. Then there is a deeper knowledge of someone. Speed ​​Dating with Fantastic in Cracow it is the best!

Talking is not everything … it looks like the second part of the event?

After this stage, most often made to the second part of the event: dance, karaoke,
evening salsowy, show cinema or a concert – depending on the time and circumstances.
Then we all have the opportunity to meet even closer and more integrated.
Alternatively (as sometimes happens) to verify the previous election.

Are there many takers?

Willing is more and more. I think that it is associated with a greater awareness
about this type imprez.Osoby that have already been with us recommend us further
into the world 😉 Why thank you!

Is this a good way to falling in love?

Just as good as any other. There is no prescription.
Falling in love can be everywhere here too. We give the opportunity to meet at least
a dozen of free persons who might be able to fall in love …….. Or maybe just friends.
The best way is probably the approach to fun on the smile without the assumption of
“I fall in love”. And life is writing a meeting of love – or at Fast Date – do not know.
Guarantee for a nicely spent evening.

How can I register for the date?

To participate in this event are required prior records on our website. It is necessary to draw up a list of names of visitors, and to print forms and each participant identifiers. The website gives the name, age, no. phone, e-mail address and information, where the participant learned about the event. In this way, we are also in constant contact with all participants (give answers to the questions, we give map directions to the venue, we remind all SMS and where the party starts.

Speed ​​Dating with Randki Fantastic in Cracow it is the best!



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